What does simplicity mean to you?

Upon first glance these shelves are kinda sorta organized, as in, like is with like. While, beyond that, they are disheveled and disorderly, it could definitely be MUCH worse. That said, I just read the book, Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne, who would likely say that this is far too much clutter for a small child’s bedroom. When a child has so many options – nothing is special or stands out. They don’t learn to value their belongings AND become overstimulated. I am conflicted and find this a challenging one because it’s HARD to purge books (not to mention I have three kids at different ages). He recommends storing items out of sight, but storing and stashing does not necessarily jive with my desire for a more minimalist-ish life and home. Here’s to identifying a solution that’s somewhere in the middle. A lot of the time things just aren’t black and white and you’re better off looking to the gray area for the answer. We’ll see if I can get there…

UPDATE: Progress! I pulled the books that nobody wanted to read anymore and sorted the rest by age. Now each child has their own age-appropriate stash of books to read in their rooms. I created a reading nook in the playroom as well.


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