never. stop. tryin.

I LOVE accessories. On any given day, chances are the reason I end up running late is because I took one last look at myself and decided I needed to put on earrings, or a big chunky ring, or my favorite knit cap to hide my bedhead. And yet, in spite of my love for accessories, they are all thrown in a pile atop the organizers (yep) inside my dresser drawer. My jewelry stash definitely doesn’t fit into the category of minimalist, but it is something that really brings me joy (which I’m pretty sure gets the approval of Konmari ; ) so I believe organizing this drawer is my best option. The challenge is going to be this: organizing it in a way that STAYS organized. I know I’m not alone. We get inspired (or overwhelmed and fed up) and hunker down. We clear the space, organize it and then relish in our accomplishments… until a week later when life has taken over and the piles (thankfully or tragically hidden) start to amass. This time will be different. I hope. Try and try again until you succeed is a real thing. If you do nothing else, NEVER. STOP. TRYING. Yes, this is a bit dramatic considering I’m talking about a drawer in my dresser filled with baubles, but this is simply a tiny snapshot of the big picture. And helpful to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life…. and your stuff…. no matter HOW huge the pile………. You got this. Really.


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