Just do it…

is my mantra for today. I have to keep reminding myself that this transition into a more minimalist-ish lifestyle is, unfortunately, not going to happen overnight. Life is still happening all around me and needs my attention. My favorite way to approach the house when I’m totally outnumbered by my piles is to start in the spaces that are manageable. This provides momentum and encouragement because they require less effort but offer big impact and reward. I also set the timer. This way I know there is a start and stop time, and it prevents me from getting distracted by things such as, “hmmm, maybe I should use this onion for dinner? or ugh… this drawer seriously needs to be reorganized”. Instead, I am forced to focus on clearing the surfaces and putting the items back in their homes (at least the ones that HAVE homes ; /) My living room is always a good place to start because the piles are practically nonexistent. I live in a split level mid-century so there are SO many nooks and crannies for the kids to scatter all of their beloved STUFF. Somehow this space is spared, so I start here. That way  I have at least one open space that can inspire me to keep going so I can tackle the hot mess that is the playroom ;/ Here’s to conquering one pile at a time in my personal pursuit of minimalistishism ; )


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