How do you prioritize?

How and when do you find the time to “declutter”, “organize”, “minimize”, etc… Are you tired of thinking about these things!? It can truly be exhausting if you don’t tackle it mindfully and with intention. Like I previously mentioned, I love setting the timer to keep me in check… but what happens when the timer goes off? It’s never a perfect science. Something important to keep in mind is to bite off only as much as you can chew (obvious I know, but worth the reminder).

When you take on a new project, whether it be the sock drawer, the kids’ art supplies, your pile of paper, etc. be sure to set clear limits prior to beginning so that you are realistic about what you have time for. We’ve all been pulled away from a project that we were mid-way through and then left with a pile of – whatever –  to trip over for the next several days. That feels worse than the disorganized drawer! I’d love to hear how and when you find the time so that you don’t feel like your pursuit for a more minimal life is actually monopolizing your life.


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