Find the pocket(s) in your day.

The space under our sink can become a catchall for miscellany, resulting in stressors on the regular. Why do we do this to ourselves!? We live with things a certain way when they could be easily (and swiftly) remedied in just five minutes. Today I noticed this area could use a refresher -because life- so I decided to test this theory and find that pocket in my day to eliminate this daily stressor, once and for all.

To no surprise, it worked. Successfully… and it will make my day to day So. Much. BETTER! Yes, I can take it one step further and spruce up the space but organizing always has to happen first. Five minutes = Done! (Ps: those rubber gloves are hanging from a command clip that I bought for my daughter’s room. I might be a little too excited by the outcome 😉


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