Clutter attracts clutter.

You’ve probably heard this one before. That pile of papers by the computer or those clothes on your dresser sure make it easy to just toss one more thing on top. Okay, I shouldn’t say easy, because it’s actually a little painful, but it happens just the same. PUTTING BACK is an important part of keeping a decluttered, minimalist and peaceful space, however it just isn’t always possible! Having a system in place and the right organizers can surely help, but again, this takes time. Reminding yourself that the mess didn’t happen overnight – so the decluttering process isn’t going to either – is important to keep your head up and not get discouraged. Is there ONE perpetually cluttered spot in your home that’s attracting clutter that you can address today? this week? this month? What typically lands here? Do you need to create an official landing spot for these items? Where can this exist so it will realistically be used? None of this needs to be fancy, just doable. My trouble spot is a counter that shouldn’t have anything on it but our alarm tower and our ‘bar’ when we entertain. Instead it holds mail, kids’ papers, random tools, rings, matchbox cars, etc. I mean… ugh. Join me in mapping out a new spot (and an accompanying routine) for each one of these items so that this space no longer has to suffer. The poor counter deserves better…..


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