Motivation is doing.


My mom always had this three word phrase taped above her kitchen sink. Every time I washed my hands I would read it. It never really resonated until years later… I cannot tell you how true this is. So many of us WAIT for the motivation to get started on whatever it is we need to get done. Have you ever noticed that once you begin (with or without the motivation) you start to FEEL motivated!? This is a very simple concept yet a difficult one to apply. A tried and true method that I’ve used with my family for several years is the 5-minute clean up. We identify the space that needs tidying, set the timer and MOVE. The limited time provides the motivation because we all know there’s an end! Oftentimes, however, once we see how quickly we were able to declutter and PUT BACK, we finish up the loose ends after the timer goes off. That said- the rule is- everyone can stop after five if they want to. The next time you’re feeling unmotivated, remind yourself that DOING might just be the necessary step to get you going. Try it. And, if that’s not enough to nudge you toward action, set the timer ; )


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