Laundry….. Day?

When my kids were still babies and I was working outside of the home, I was fortunate enough to have a nanny. She was amazing and truly helped keep my home in order.

The one thing that she did (aside from care for my babies) that had the greatest impact was wash my kids’ clothes. Yes- I am still grateful. Once I decided to mainly stay at home to be with the kids, however, the laundry was all mine. I went from doing laundry for two to doing laundry for FIVE. I honestly couldn’t believe that we weren’t always talking about this seemingly futile task of laundry! Seriously. Wasn’t anyone else reeling over this? I’m being dramatic, I know, but there have been moments… I mean, I was now responsible for completing this task for the rest of my – parenting small children – days. Every day, week, month, or whenever I wanted to “finish” the laundry.

Fast forward to six months ago when we moved into our mid-century home. Not just any old mcm, but one with a LAUNDRY CHUTE. Yep. Can you believe? I couldn’t. Hampers = donated.

So, I decided my time is now; I WILL tackle this issue. My kids are now at the age where they can do more for themselves, so I decided to enlist their help once and for all. They’ve got the laundry chute part down. Laundry gets washed twice a week. That much I can do… with no more complaints. It’s all RIGHT THERE. The putting back is the part that poses the challenge. All of our clothes are combined now because of the laundry chute so there’s no doing separate loads. SO… are you ready for this not so monumental idea? We each have a basket. I sort the clothes right out of the dryer. This could not be a simpler fix, and yet, it is a game changer for me. Unreal. At this point, my job is done for my two older kids. They each have their basket of clothes and are responsible for putting them away. If they don’t put them away, they know where they can find their clean clothes. My preschooler still needs my help, but I am grooming him for future success. Here’s to having a life beyond laundry day!


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