Frugalist meets minimalist

The Whole Foods near me is closing so everything is SIGNIFICANTLY marked down. This Skin Food is my go to in the winter because it gets so dry… it’s such an indulgence however, because of the price, so I only use it sparingly at night. Considering it’s never on sale and something I would buy anyway, I couldn’t pass this up. As much as I don’t want to accumulate and store more stuff, the reality is I also like to take advantage of deals on items I KNOW I will be buying in the future. Until I’m making my own (a girl can dream), I’d much prefer to buy toothpaste, shampoo, etc. when it’s on sale, vs. wait until I need it and pay full price… especially when I’m buying for a family of five! I know I’m not alone. This is hard when the focus is on creating more space and having less stuff.  I guess this is where we need to find that happy medium and apply these concepts to our individual lives and experiences. One size fits all might work for knit caps, but our lives need a little more individualized attention. How do you reconcile this!? I’d love to hear from you!


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