The quick fix

You have 20-30 minutes before guests arrive/playdate begins/coffee date/ etc. What are the three things you can do to make a difference and feel ready-ish!? Assuming you’ve already got your pants on, you got this.

  1. Check the surfaces. Papers/mail= collect, then stash. Kids’ toys= garbage. (No, just kidding ; ) First enlist their help and ask that they help you collect the stragglers they’ve left behind, EVERYWHERE. If this is to no avail, grab a basket, a cloth bag or even one of those trusty doubled up Trader Joe’s bags, walk around and drop them in. Stash. Hang up the coats, throw the shoes on the tray, and just create neat piles with the rest. Not kidding.
  2. Straighten those pillows, throws, chairs around the table and pull the covers up on all the beds (although ideally everyone made their beds first thing in the morning ; )
  3. Grab the vinegar/ Clorox wipes/ favorite go to and give that sink and those toilets a quick wipe. Also check for any unflushed situations… ahem, I’m looking at you four year old. Make yourself a coffee, a glass of sparkling water or wine… room spray it up (with essential oils of course). Done!

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