The Outbox…

At the beginning of each year, I sign up to do the “January Cure” on Apartment
Therapy. Daily assignments provide guidelines for rebooting your home and setting the stage for an organized, streamlined year. My FAVORITE tip that I have gleaned after doing this for several years is the ‘outbox’ introduced by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. It is a spot/ bag/ room that you use to place items you’re unsure about donating. The outbox is brilliant because it gives you the freedom to set aside those items you might otherwise hold onto out of sheer uncertainty.

I used this concept with my daughter this past weekend and we filled up TWO (!) large bags. She’s been hesitant to give away certain toys even though she hasn’t played with them for months. The fact that she could place it in a holding place and explore how life feels without it allowed her to release and set aside a lot more than she would have otherwise. Time will tell whether or not she will be willing to donate everything when we revisit the outbox, but this small step alone is huge because it has allowed her to see what she really DOES care about and those items that she might be holding onto ‘just because’. Teaching her how to value what she has and what she invites into her life is a lesson that I want to start early to (hopefully) encourage intentional living as she navigates her life ; )

UPDATE: She said goodbye to almost everything… only holding on to a few small people figures that she still enjoys from time to time. SUCCESS!


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