So. Much. Paper………

The flow of paperwork into our home is nonstop… and I have to say it is the HARDEST of the categories to manage and purge. No matter how minimalist I am or strive to be, my kids will continue to bring home more stuff. This isn’t going to stop anytime soon, so I decided I had to identify a solution before it got the best of me. (Actually it has already gotten the best of me, but I am slowly fighting my way back ; )

I’ve created three landing stations, if you will, to assist with the barrage of papers that seem to spill out of my three kids’ backpacks. In the kitchen we have shelves tucked behind the counter where I have designated a spot for each child. They come home, hand me what I need to see and stack the rest. This is also the place where their random sketches, unfinished homework, etc. land if I find them in the middle of the kitchen table before dinner. No need for discussion. They know where to look.

A couple times a year, I comb through the piles and decide on what to keep and toss. This is not a favorite activity, however, it only has to happen a few times a year, so I suck it up and do it. The stuff I’m keeping gets placed into a manila envelope labeled with the current school year. Then I tuck that envelope under the pile that is patiently awaiting more papers 😉 It stays here until the end of the year.

Finally, each child has a bin. I chose a bin because I also needed a place to keep some of their baby keepsakes, large projects, and other misc. kid specific items. At the end of the year, I put their manila envelopes into the bin. And, in case you’re wondering, they only get ONE per year. I have to be brutal (and realistic) when it comes to purging, so try to be really honest about what I want and/or need to keep. Creating systems in your home to manage life isn’t necessarily profound work, however, it can be so worthwhile to invest the time for the sake of a little peace and order to make room for the important stuff, like cuddle parties, dance offs, uno, meditation, wrestling………. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stuff that’s not working so well, but today I celebrate what is and encourage you to do the same. How are you streamlining your life to make room for the good stuff!??


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